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Shamir InTouch™ is the ideal solution for handheld digital device users who have found that their everyday progressive lenses are not providing optimal vision for these tasks. Unlike a standard progressive, Shamir InTouch™ features enhanced visual comfort from 15" – 27", the distance at which digital devices are primarily held. Patients will also notice a quicker transition of ADD power in the intermediate zone with InTouch™. While typical progressives often have the intermediate zone lower in the lens, Shamir InTouch™ allows the patient's eye to get to this zone more quickly. This feature makes InTouch™ an ideal everyday progressive solution for viewing smartphones and tablets because they are usually held higher than regular reading materials such as books or newspapers. The patient's eyes will arrive at the optimized intermediate zone much sooner, even when holding their digital device higher.

Product Benefits

  • Add power appears 25% quicker
  • 22% broader reading area
  • 21% wider intermediate area
  • Progressive solution for regular usage of digital devices
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