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ABB Analyze

ABB Analyze is a customized practice dashboard that not only efficiently and accurately tracks performance but also benchmarks against regional and national peers. The collection of data is seamless and pain-free. As a result the practice can remain patient centric and focus on executing toward goals while ABB Analyze concentrates on centralizing and organizing practice data into usable, key metrics.

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Improve Your Practice Performance with Real-Time Data

Stand out from regional and national peers with easy and intuitive reports.

ABB Analyze goes above and beyond, providing accurate data, live benchmarking, fast analysis and a customized dashboard.

COMPARE METRICS – to over 1,000 businesses in real time anywhere, anytime.

EASY TO USE – our practice performance platform received a 9 out of 10 for overall value.

INCREASE REVENUE – practice’s using our platform experienced a 12% annual gross revenue increase.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – on average, our platform provides a 30:1 return on investment.

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