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Shamir Golf™ is a Freeform® lens designed to ensure all your patients experience their perfect game. Unlike standard progressives, the three vision zones are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to maximize their viewing: the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet and the green in the distance. Shamir Golf™ provides sharp focus without distortion in these three crucial areas. And before we forget, it's the first Golf lens designed with a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly so your patients will have an accurate drive or put.

Product Benefits

  • Specialty lens designed specifically for the golf enthusiast
  • Designed to ensure sharp vision at 3 crucial focal points
  • 19mm fitting height
  • Utilizes As-Worn Technology™
High Index 1.60
High Index 1.67
High Index 1.74