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ABB Optical Group is proud to announce their new custom soft lens calculator

This calculator is designed to aid practitioners and staff in configuring custom soft and custom soft toric lenses in an easy manner simply using K’s, refraction and HVID.

Future iterations of the calculator will be able to assist with multifocal, custom keratoconus and other specialty soft lens designs.

The K readings and refraction help to determine the best fit and visual outcomes for the patient. The calculator uses the HVID and other measurements to figure Sagittal Depth calculations to provide the best estimate for maximizing fit.

The calculator is very simple to use in this first version. To begin, input K readings in diopters for both the flat and steep meridians - flat first, then steep. The inputs can be typed in or utilize the + and – signs.

Tab or Enter to move cursor to HVID - input information - the HVID can be measured or taken from the white-to-white measurement on topography or with a hand-held ruler.

If this measurement is not available, the calculator will default to 11.8 mm, as the average HVID measurement. However, for better accuracy and closer 1st fit success, it is important to have this measurement input for the patient.

These two measurements will determine mean K and the resultant sagittal depth of the lens.

The sagittal depth and HVID are used to determine the recommended base curve and diameter of the lens.

Next, move to the power calculations.

Sphere powers can be input in either plus or minus powers. However, all refractions MUST be input in minus cylinder form - this step is very important. If utilizing plus cylinder refractions, please convert the refraction to minus cylinder prior to inputting into the calculator. The calculator will not allow for plus cylinder to be inputted. The -/+ buttons will add and subtract from Plano in the cylinder area only. If plus cylinder is added manually, the calculator will revert to 0.00 or Plano.

The calculator will choose either sphere or toric lenses designs based on the parameters given. The calculator will automatically vertex the powers when needed to give the best visual outcomes.

Practitioners may choose a material for the desired custom lens. The default options are the Definitive 74% Silicone Hydrogel material or the Methafilcon 55 HEMA hydrogel material. Other HEMA material options include: Polymacon 38% or Benz Hioxifilcon 49%. Changing material does not impact the fit of the lens, so chose the material best for the patient. Both SiHy and the HEMA materials have a clear or visitint option for handling purposes. The replacement schedule is determined by the practitioner and can be a single lens or quarterly replacement.

Once the calculator has determined the lens parameters, practitioners have choices to place lens orders. The orders can be input in the online ordering system on the ABB website under specialty lenses or call Specialty lens customer service to input the order. If more consultation is needed, please feel free to reach out to the Specialty lens consultants for further information.

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