ABB Optical Group Kicks-off the 10th Annual Optometry Student Challenge 
Third and fourth-year optometry students will compete for a chance to attend the 2025 Global Specialty Lens Symposium

Coral Springs, FL – June 11, 2024: ABB Optical Group announced today that the company’s 10th Annual Optometry Student Challenge is now open for registration. Third and fourth-year optometry students can submit an abstract on a student-based case report or research study project and compete for a chance to win a $1,500 travel grant to attend the 2025 Global Specialty Lens Symposium.

“We are so excited to be in our 10th year of ABB’s Optometry Student Challenge. We are honored to be a part of the students’ first steps into their optometry career,” said Dede Reyes, Manager of Consultation & Education, Specialty Contact Lens. “Each year we look forward to seeing what new and creative cases they will come up with.”t is an opportune time for Daniel to begin his leadership of ABB. I would like to thank every ABB team member who has made the last five years leading the Company so special."

Optometry students must register to participate in the challenge by August 31, 2024 at and will have until October 14 to submit their abstract on a topic restricted to contact lenses and may include applications for presbyopia, keratoconus, corneal topography, post penetrating keratoplasty or related irregular corneal surface, myopia control, lens care/solutions, custom soft lenses, ortho-k instrumentation for measurement of the ocular surface and sports/performance vision. Based on the judges’ decision, six abstracts will be selected and all finalists will be notified by October 23.

The finalists will be asked to convert each of their submissions into a poster format and present them during a live virtual meeting on December 11. All attendees who join the event will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite posters and the scores will be incorporated in the overall judging of the winners.

Daniel Liberman, ABB Chief Executive Officer added, "As our future optometrists embark on their new careers, ABB is committed to offering them avenues for development and networking within our industry. I am excited to witness the innovative ideas these talented individuals bring forth this year."

Visit to hear from the 2023 Optometry Student Challenge winners on an episode of Dede Talks about their experience and what they got out of the challenge.

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