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As your patients’ needs change, so should the care and access you provide them. EyecareLive is an all-in-one virtual care service that can be customized to fit your practice’s needs. With EyecareLive, patients can seamlessly book a virtual visit directly from your website and see you from the comfort of home, using our web-based appointment service. Virtual visits are HIPAA compliant, secure and billable! Practices offering virtual visits have seen improvements with practice management, a return on investment, expansion of patient reach, and increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

LIVEonDemand is included as part of your EyecareLive subscription. As a LIVEonDemand doctor, you have the ability to connect with new patients seeking a virtual visit for an eye concern. You will have the freedom to decide how often you want to see LIVEonDemand patients while gaining additional revenue with each virtual visit.

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Embracing Technology to Expand Patients’ Access to Care

See more patients without seeing more patients.

GREATER FLEXIBILITY – conduct virtual visits from anywhere in the world at times that are convenient for you.

AFTER HOURS TRIAGE – help your patients make the best decision regarding their afterhours urgent care.

SAVE TIME – go from one virtual visit to the next with handy features that help you be more efficient.

GENERATE REVENUE – eye care specific tools such as the visual acuity test allow you to bill at higher rates.

LIVEonDemand – Expand patient reach, gain new patients, and additional revenue

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