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Irregular Cornea | Signature Lens Designs


Easy-to-fit using a simple systematic approach for all ROSE K lens designs. Simple to use flexible edge lift system. Aberration control aspheric optics providing outstanding acuity, reduced flare and glare and minimum lens mass. Advanced fitting options including:

  • Toric peripheral curves
  • Asymmetric Corneal Technology or ACT
  • Front, back and bi-toric designs available for ROSE K2™, ROSE K2 NC™, ROSE K2 IC™ and ROSE K2 PG™. Extensive diameter and base curve range. Fits most corneal shapes, sizes and stages of keratoconus because of the unique design that changes as the base curve steepens.



The ROSE K2 XL lens is part of the successful, easy to fit ROSE K family of lens designs with a simple systematic approach. It features an aspheric back optic zone which decreases as the BC steepens, front surface aberration control, precise edge lift control and reverse geometry in flatter base curves too. With a minimized center thickness and apical clearance, 1mm of lens movement on blink and the industry leading Dk of Menicon Z, all combined to maximize oxygen transmission to the cornea from this lens design.

For more information and to order, call our dedicated Scleral Lens Consultation line at 1-800-772-3911 and choose option 4.

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