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The number one dispensed aspheric multifocal lenses in North America

The ESSential GP Multifocal family is a series of lenses that includes the ESSential GP multifocal and ESSential Xtra, with the option of adding a front-surface annular component called a concentric S-form add (CSA) enhancement to either design. The ESSential GP Multifocal can be a translating or simultaneous back-aspheric lens with low eccentricity to help prevent corneal molding. The lenses incorporate "S-Form Technology," a proprietary manufacturing process, to produce a smooth flattening effect, that creates a greater posterior power gradient and a greater near point power effect. S-Form provides better contrast sensitivity than other aspheric lens designs that incorporate many curves cut into the lens to create the aspheric affect. The ESSential Series combines the best attributes of simultaneous and translating multifocal designs.

The ESSential family simplifies the process of fitting multifocals and meets the needs of a variety of patients. New presbyopic patients enjoy good vision at distance and near with exceptional comfort and can easily transition from contact lenses to spectacles. Emmetropes and near emmetropes, as well as astigmatic patients are often perceived as difficult to fit, but studies have shown that these patients perform well with ESSential lenses and achieve good vision at distance, intermediate and near. The uniformity of the aspheric design gives you the ability to transition your patients from one series to the next with consistency as their near needs advance or change.

ESSential Multifocal GP lenses utilize an alignment fitting philosophy that ensures long-term corneal integrity and stable vision. Standard base curves range from 6.90 to 8.30 and diameters from 8.8 to 10.5.

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