KeraSoft IC is a silicone hydrogel lens with an innovative design delivering comfort, health and excellent visual acuity for your keratoconus and other irregular cornea patients. These soft contact lenses feature a front surface asphere or aspheric toric design. The patented design offers balanced overall thickness with spherical aberration control and two sectors of independently modifiable periphery - making it able to conform to the shape of any cornea.


Ease of Fit

  • A small, eight-lens diagnostic fitting set that aids in determining the correct lens parameters
  • Pragmatic fitting procedure that quickly assesses lens fitting options
  • Proven troubleshooting procedures for enhanced fitting accuracy

Patented Design

  • Front surface asphere or aspheric toric prism ballasted with balanced overall thickness and spherical aberration control
  • When required, peripheries can be steepened or flattened independently of base curve
  • Up to two sectors of the periphery can be modified independently with our proprietary Sector Management Controlâ„¢

Lens Material

  • Silicone hydrogel — longer wearing comfort
  • Provides high level of oxygen for crisp, clear, comfortable vision
  • More oxygen compared to traditional hydrogel lenses

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