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ABB Optical Group Launches Series of Customer Experience Enhancements

- First of many initiatives includes a simplified return program for soft contact lenses to provide transparency, reliability and convenience -

Coral Springs, Fla (November 4, 2020) – ABB Optical Group (ABB), a leading provider of optical products and business solutions in the eye care industry, announced today a series of enhancements designed to improve the customer experience for eye care professionals (ECPs), starting with a new return program for soft contact lens products purchased through the company.

As part of these customer experience enhancements, the ABB TRU Returns program seeks to simplify the process of returning soft contact lens products purchased through ABB. ECPs who order soft contact lenses and have orders shipped to their practice can return product directly to ABB for full purchase price credit within 90 days after purchase with an accompanying invoice. Orders that are shipped directly to patients can be returned to ABB for the full purchase price within one year after purchase with an accompanying invoice. The company will provide a full refund, even if the box or contact lenses are damaged, if all the lenses are in the box and an invoice is provided.

“Our customers spoke, and we listened. We know that our former soft contact lens return program posed some challenges in convenience and ease to ECPs, so we took their feedback to heart and transformed the way we process returns with the goal of making things transparent, reliable and convenient for our customers and their patients,” said ABB Optical Group Chief Executive Officer Tom Burke. “This is just one of many initiatives that we are bringing to the table in order to continue building that trust and confidence with our ECP customers so that they can successfully provide essential healthcare of the best quality to each and every patient.”

Other customer experience enhancements include the expansion of ABB’s distribution centers in Coral Springs and Hawthorne, New York, adding an estimated wait time feature to the company’s customer service phone line, technology enhancements for faster order processing and other programs that will be introduced in the coming weeks and months.

As part of the development of the ABB TRU Returns program, the company conducted extensive interviews with ECPs across the country and tested several pilot concepts before finalizing TRU Returns, which, according to Burke, meets the needs of ABB’s customers and aligns with the company’s values and commitment to service.

Burke added, “With the launch of the ABB TRU Returns program, ECPs now have a simplified process for returning product, without complex rules or fine print. With the expansion of our distribution centers, we’re now able to house thousands more in product, readily available for our customers when they place an order. We’re committed to listening to our customers, to supporting them and to learning from them and truly connecting with them. For more than 30 years, ABB has proven to be one of the few companies that isn’t trying to take the ECP’s patient and turn them into a retail consumer. ECPs can feel confident that as their trusted business partner, the best is yet to come from ABB.”

About ABB Optical Group
ABB Optical Group is a leading provider of optical products, services and business solutions in the eye care industry. ABB operates through three business pillars: ABB Contact Lens, ABB Labs and ABB Business Solutions. ABB is focused on the future of eye care professionals, helping them succeed by making practices more efficient and assisting providers to effectively navigate market changes. Visit for more information.

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