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ABB Optical Group

Push Forward Together

As a team, we can keep your practice one step ahead.

The eye care industry faces new challenges every day, but we are your independent, dedicated business partner always working to ensure you have the tools, resources and solutions you need to safeguard your practice and stay competitive.


Breaking Barriers Together

One Source. More Possibilities.

We’re more than just a distributor. We’re your business partner in paving the way for practice growth.

At ABB Optical Group, we pride ourselves on providing distribution that delivers greater value. And we deliver that value through:

SINGLE-SOURCE CONVENIENCE TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCES – when consolidating your purchases through us, it frees up your staff to focus their time on providing quality care for your patients. We offer one convenient online ordering platform, available 24/7, with live customer service and consultation chat features.

ACCESS & CHOICE TO HELP YOU GROW – we offer the widest portfolio of optical products with over 135,000 SKUs stocked and access to over 700,000 SKUs. And we work with you to tailor solutions for your practice.

DATA & BUSINESS INSIGHTS TO INFORM YOUR DECISIONS – make well-informed business decisions with our impartial and comprehensive practice analytics. We go above and beyond to provide you with more statistics than anyone else can offer, allowing you to simply and effectively maximize the dollars that you already have.

ENHANCED SERVICES TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – we provide additional services to help you strengthen your competitive edge and maximize patient retention. No one else in the industry can compare to our inventory levels and fill rates.

Connecting Independent Practices to a Brighter Future

ABB Contact Lens

ABB Contact Lens

We are the leading authorized distributor of all major soft contact lens manufacturers and the industry’s foremost manufacturer of custom soft and gas-permeable contact lenses.

ABB Labs

ABB Labs

We are an independent lab that always puts your best interests first. Our lab offers a cutting-edge portfolio of products with extraordinary service and fast turn-around times.

ABB Business Solutions

ABB Business Solutions

Our comprehensive tools streamline your practice, improve efficiencies and utilize real-time analytics to help you make well-informed decisions that grow your practice.


Say Hello to Abby

Abby makes it simple for patients and doctors to order contact lenses from every major manufacturer — and offers free direct to patient shipping, too.

ABB Optical Group thought the world needed a contact lens ordering platform that focused on improving the doctor-patient relationship. So, we created one — and her name is Abby.



What our customers are saying:

Some years ago, we made the decision to ship virtually all of our annual supplies of contact lenses to the patient. ABB OPTICAL offered us free shipping, and it has allowed us, essentially, to outsource our contact lens fulfillment business to our distributor.

Dr. Tim Birtwhistle, OD in Indianapolis, IN

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