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ABB Optical Group

Future in Focus

Eye care industry trends seem to change by the day. But ABB Optical Group is here to help your practice focus on what matters most – providing quality patient care. Trust us for practitioner resources, custom consulting, and product choices to help you stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.


A Partner In Paving The Way For Growth

Why ABB Optical?

Consolidate Your Purchasing With ABB Optical Group to Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs & Pave the Way for Growth.

We use leading-edge technology and superior customer service to deliver quality products at competitive prices. As your go-to consultant, ABB Optical Group’s team gets to know your business, allowing us to offer solutions that will help your practice grow.

ABB Is Set To Help You Succeed

ABB Contact Lens

ABB Contact Lens

ABB is America’s leading authorized distributor of all major soft contact lens manufacturers and the industry’s foremost manufacturer of custom soft and gas-permeable contact lenses.

ABB Labs

ABB Labs

ABB Labs proudly delivers superior products and extraordinary service with fast turnaround time to eye care professionals. As a fully automated laboratory network, we feature multiple fabrication lines, extensive on-site AR coating labs, as well as lens finishing centers.

ABB Business Solutions

ABB Business Solutions

We go above and beyond, working directly with our partners to provide real-time analytical data and operational solutions to help you attract and retain patients, as well as effectively maximize profits.

ABB Tru Returns Program

No complicated exclusions. No confusing rules. Now, our return policy is Transparent, Reliable, and Uncomplicated.

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What our customers are saying:

Some years ago, we made the decision to ship virtually all of our annual supplies of contact lenses to the patient. ABB OPTICAL offered us free shipping, and it has allowed us, essentially, to outsource our contact lens fulfillment business to our distributor.

Dr. Tim Birtwhistle, OD in Indianapolis, IN
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