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DIGITAL EYE LAB is now a VSP Contract Laboratory!

With expedited service and quality in manufacturing, DIGITAL EYE LAB offers VSP providers access to the entire portfolio of UNITY lenses and coatings.


bluDEFENSE joins the DIGITAL EYE LAB exclusive CLARIS family of technically advanced anti-reflective coatings. CLARIS bluDEFENSE AR reflects harmful blue light and UV light away from the eye while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through the lens, protecting the eyes from harmful HEV light, and reducing scatter and glare for better vision and clarity.

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Quick Turnaround

Most uncut with or without AR orders placed by 12pm EST will be processed same day and shipped for next day delivery.


We've sold over 1,500,000 pairs of digital lenses.


We are proud to deliver superior products and extraordinary service with a fast turnaround to eye care professionals.

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Superior Products

We manufacture brand-name digital lens designs and AR coatings, as well as our own proprietary products. Our large selection of progressive and single vision lens designs and AR coatings are the ideal choice for today's savvy patients.


Extraordinary Service

We have more than 140 experienced professionals dedicated to serving you. Better service to you means better service to your patients!


Fast Turnaround

Fully automated digital laboratory, 100% dedicated to freeform, DIGITAL EYE LAB features multiple fabrication lines, an extensive onsite AR coating lab, as well as a lens finishing center that includes interchangeable and wrap lens capabilities.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Stephanie Haenes
We needed a lab that would be able to stay ahead on digital technology, as nearly all of our lenses are digital lenses; we needed a lab where we could trust the employees not to break or lose these high-end frames; and we needed a lab that worked fast because these patients expect speedy service; we were pleased to find out that DIGITAL EYE LAB does it all!
Stephanie Haenes, ABOC Wayzata, MN

Our Brands

DIGITAL EYE LAB, SEIKO, Shamir, and UNITY products.

Digital Lenses

Every lens is digitally fabricated to the slightest variation in prescription, face measurement, and frame design. The result is eyewear that is truly personalized to your patients’ needs and lifestyles.

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Digital AR Lens Coatings

Featuring unsurpassed levels of clarity, durability, and scratch protection, lenses are fabricated with the most advanced antireflective coatings available today and processed in our onsite AR coating lab.

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This unique service allows you to order eyewear, lenses, and fabrication all at once while eliminating the need to send your frames to the lab. EZCONNECT delivers simplicity, accuracy, guaranteed faster turnaround times, and improved efficiencies to your office.

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