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Operating a successful business requires making informed and strategic decisions. Don't operate your business in the dark when it comes to understanding your data. ABB Analyze is the ultimate solution for tracking and analyzing your data efficiently. Our performance dashboards provide a clear and concise view of your practice's performance, whether you have one location or multiple. Unlike practice management reports that simply present data, ABB Analyze takes it further by converting your data into actionable insights. This way, you can gain a complete understanding of your performance and make informed decisions to take your business to the next level!

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Improve Your Practice Performance with Real-Time Data

Stand out from regional and national peers with easy and intuitive reports.

ABB Analyze goes above and beyond, providing accurate data, live benchmarking, fast analysis and a customized dashboard.

COMPARE METRICS – to over 1,000 businesses in real time anywhere, anytime.

EASY TO USE – our practice performance platform received a 9 out of 10 for overall value.

INCREASE REVENUE – practice’s using our platform experienced a 12% annual gross revenue increase.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT – on average, our platform provides a 30:1 return on investment.

Digital Price Monitor

Create a Strong Pricing Strategy

Thousands of ECPs have used our retail price monitor over the years to determine a competitive pricing strategy. We are excited to announce the next evolution - the Digital Price Monitor. This web-accessible dashboard is updated weekly to help ABB Contact Lens customers manage their contact lens pricing, enabling them to compete effectively.