ABB Verify

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ABB Verify offers a powerful solution to simplify insurance verification, enabling your practice to reap numerous benefits, including saving valuable staff time and increasing operational efficiency. With ABB Verify, you can expect your team to focus more on patient interaction, leading to improved patient satisfaction and a thriving practice. Trust us to streamline your insurance verification process and experience the confidence that comes with it.

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Reduce the Countless Staff Hours Wasted

Don’t let the search for patient eligibility and benefits verification weigh your practice down.

ABB Verify automatically checks vision care eligibility for your scheduled appointments and pulls plan authorizations when needed.

EASY INTEGRATION – enjoy seamless integration with your practice management system.

POSITIVE INCREASES – improve staff efficiency, practice productivity, and patient retention using the latest technology.

IMPROVE REVENUE – reduce vision care write-offs and underpayments to your practice.

FEWER FRUSTRATIONS – reduce empty chair time and patient confusion about benefits eligibility.