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Focus On What Matters Most

Saving you time so you can care for your patients.

For over 30 years, ABB Optical Group has dedicated itself to helping eye care providers like you with everything you need to serve your patients and optimize your practice. We do this because we want you to experience more of what you love – the meaningful moments spent caring for your patients.



Helping Your Practice Thrive

We know eye care providers face unique challenges, which is why we’re here to help you succeed.

You entered this profession to make a difference in the lives of your patients. To get you back to what matters as you face an ever-evolving industry, ABB has invested in the following enhancements:

EXPANDED OFFERINGS – We’ve broadened our SKU coverage, giving ABB the largest inventory in the industry and allowing us to provide accelerated shipping to 60% of the U.S. population with two-day ground service.

SMARTER FULLFILLMENT – Using ABB’s One Warehouse model, we’ve created a smart contact lens direct-to-patient fulfillment inventory system, enabling direct-to-patient orders shipped from the closest possible distribution center with faster delivery times.

IMPROVED DISTRIBUTION CENTERS – We’ve implemented automation tools, increased staffing and improved customer service throughout our nationwide distribution centers. We also have a dedicated stock lens warehouse with next-day delivery on all in-stock items.

GREATER SUPPORT – To ensure your call is answered quickly and addressed efficiently, we have increased our customer service support agents and updated support technology. Enhanced E-Commerce: Our e-commerce platform, Abby, keeps patients connected to their doctors and helps increase capture rates.

ADVANCED CAPABILITIES – We’ve expanded ABB Labs, the ABB Specialty Vision Product portfolio and ABB Business Solutions technology platforms to help you differentiate your practice, stay competitive and enhance patient care.

Enhance Every Meaningful Moment

ABB Contact Lens

ABB Contact Lens

The widest portfolio and inventory of contact lenses and specialty vision products to fit your patient’s unique needs.

ABB Labs

ABB Labs

An independent lab with you and your patient’s best interests in mind.

ABB Business Solutions

ABB Business Solutions

A powerful and innovative suite of technology tools to enhance your practice operations and increase profitability.


Say Hello to Abby

Abby is a free and easy online contact lens ordering platform to keep patients within your practice.








We’re Evolving With You

Ever since we began our practice 25 years ago, we chose ABB as a wholesale company and we’ve grown with ABB as well as ABB growing with us.

— Coleen Magalhaes, Dr. Magalhaes & Associates, Practice Administrator

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