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Reach Your Practice Goals Faster by Strategically Monitoring Your Practice's Key Performance Indicators

About ABB Analyze

ABB Analyze is the industry's first "PUSH" informatics service designed to help business owners measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and compare results among peers. Created to deliver all information in our simple and easy to understand ABB Analyze report card.


ABB Analyze Key Benefits

Why ABB Analyze?

You cannot improve what you do not measure. We go above and beyond to provide the user with more statistics than anyone else can offer. With ABB Analyze, our features allow you to maximize the dollars that you already have simply and effectively.

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Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

  • Accurate Data
  • Fast Analysis
  • High Data Security
  • Staff Metric Engagement Tools
  • Missed Revenue Identifier
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Goal Setting & Tracking Software
  • Multi-Location Comparisons
  • Live Benchmarking
  • Doctor & Staff Performance Measure

Keep Up With Your Competition
The Average ABB Analyze Practice:

  • A 30:1 return
  • Grows by 8.1% in gross revenue
  • An increase of $21.55 for revenue per patient
  • Able to Compare their metrics to over 1,000 businesses, live
  • Ranks the overall value of ABB Analyze to their practice as a 9 out of 10


What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

"The ABB Analyze dashboard and reporting system is so easy and simple. I love how I can instantly get quality information at a push of a button from my iPhone, iPad or desktop computer anywhere. Before I had to depend on my staff to generate over 8 different reports, waste their time to compile the information and then we could finally have a planning meeting. My managers and associate doctors use ABB Analyze to evaluate exactly what is happening in the practice. They can see production, optical, contact lens, ancillary testing and medical procedures all in a simple to see format that is extremely powerful. I especially love the real time comparison data to see how my office stacks up to others. I have told several of my colleagues about ABB Analyze and they love it too."

~ Dr. Larry Wan

"It's clear that what optometrists do in the exam room generates revenue for a practice. But that's certainly not the only place to gain – or miss opportunities to gain – a better financial footing. If we're losing money by missing these opportunities, we cannot buy new equipment or invest in the latest and greatest technology." Read More

~ David Kading, OD