Eyewear and Lenses

Stock Ophthalmics

Stock Ophthalmics

Our portfolio of stock ophthalmic lenses includes a comprehensive listing of both brand-recognized and value products, available in stock and at different price points for both the eye care professional and patient. Consolidate stock ophthalmic lens orders with soft contact lens orders and save on shipping charges to your office!

Our Ophthalmics Manufacturers

Essilor, SOMO, SEIKO, Polarized Plano, BluTech, and other OPs such as HOYA, Shore and Vision Ease.

Digital Lenses

Digital Lenses

Every lens is digitally fabricated to the slightest variation in prescription, face measurement, and frame design. The result is eyewear that is truly personalized to your patients’ needs and lifestyles.

Our Digital Lens Brands

ABB Labs, SEIKO, Shamir, and Unity products.



This unique service allows you to order eyewear, lenses, and fabrication all at once while eliminating the need to send your frames to the lab. EZCONNECT delivers simplicity, accuracy, guaranteed faster turnaround times, and improved efficiencies to your office.

Digital AR Lens Coatings

Digital AR Lens Coatings

Featuring unsurpassed levels of clarity, durability, and scratch protection, lenses are fabricated with the most advanced antireflective coatings available today and processed in our onsite AR coating lab.

Our Digital AR Lens Coating Brands

ABB Labs Claris, Shamir Glacier, and Unity products.


ABB Labs was named as a Vision Monday Top Lab in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Deborah Lindsey
We order our contact lenses and our stock lenses from ABB OPTICAL GROUP. We also like that ABB Labs is well-stocked with Shamir lenses, which is what we use predominantly for progressive lenses. Now we’re ordering our VSP lenses from ABB Labs, those jobs typically take less than five days and that’s a big difference for patients who are waiting for their eyeglasses!
Deborah Lindsey Pflugerville, TX