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Alden Optical

ALDEN HP Sphere & Toric
Superior durability and end of day comfort are delivered from these specialty contact lenses that are available in almost any base curve or diameter. Choose from an incredible range of sphere powers, cylinder powers and axes. Alden HP 49 is an excellent choice for dry eye lens wearers and Alden HP 59 is a great option when a higher Dk is desired. Choose from annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly replacement schedules.

ASTERA Multifocal Toric
ASTERA™ Multifocal Toric offers you an entirely new level of performance and control for presbyopes who would benefit from a custom lens prescription and astigmatic correction. ASTERA Multifocal Toric incorporates both advanced C2™ multifocal optics developed in Europe by Precilens, as well as Alden Optical’s innovative Dual Elliptical Stabilization™ (DES). These remarkable lenses offer clear, stable vision at all distances and the power of custom parameters to address any level of ametropia or need for custom lens geometry. Plus, ASTERA is also available for your custom spherical presbyopic fits when no cylinder correction is required.

NovaKone soft lens brings a new approach to keratoconus that offers the comfort of a soft lens, custom parameters, including cylinder correction to -10.00D and the kind of straightforward fitting not found in hybrids. The NovaKone lens design is specifically for the keratoconic eye, with advanced design features and flexible parameters that give you incredibly precise fitting control.

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