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ABB Optical Group Offers BostonSight SCLERAL Lens Through FitConnect™ Platform

Coral Springs, Fla. (February 5, 2020) – ABB Optical Group, a leading national provider of optical products and business solutions for the eye care industry, announced today in collaboration with BostonSight, that ABB Optical Group customers can now order the BostonSight SCLERAL lens through the FitConnect™ platform, with customized access for ABB customers.

The SCLERAL lens, developed by BostonSight, is a data-driven, quadrant specific lens with built-in scleral shape, designed to fit a patient right from the start. Ninety percent of fits achieve optimal vision with the built-in front surface eccentricity; 75 percent of fits are achieved using the standard, quadrant-specific trial lens from the fitting set; and 70 percent of fits require no changes in haptic design. ABB Optical Group customers will have the opportunity to request a 18.5mm loaner trial lens set, providing the largest diameter scleral lens offered by ABB Optical Group.

“Eye care practitioners have come to know ABB Optical Group as having the most comprehensive portfolio of specialty contact lenses, which provides our doctors with the power of choice to ensure their patient receives the best and most comfortable lens fit possible,” said ABB Optical Group’s Director of Specialty Vision Products, Andy Jackson. “Giving ECPs the option to order the BostonSight SCLERAL lens through the ABB FitConnect™ platform is just one more way we provide our customers innovative products and access to cutting edge technology to help grow their specialty business and improve the quality of life for their patients.”

The customized version of BostonSight’s FitConnect™ software is now available to ABB Optical Group customers and provides ECPs with web-based order management and more, including giving users the ability to design adjustments using graphical representations of individual lens profiles, and allows for modifications of sagittal height, base curve, and four independent hemi-meridians. ABB FitConnect™ also offers resources such as storage of prescription information for easy on-demand printing or refill, fitting consultants via phone, email, and shared sessions and live demonstrations and online training. ABB Optical Group customers who order the BostonSight SCLERAL lens through the ABB FitConnect™ platform will have access to these features, along with the resources, services and live customer support they already receive from ABB Optical Group’s Specialty Vision Products team.

“We’re pleased to be included in the ABB product portfolio, offering more ECPs the opportunity to design and order BostonSight SCLERAL lens via their relationship with ABB Optical Group,” said Sara Yost, BostonSight President and CEO. “The BostonSight SCLERAL’s data-driven, clinically proven scleral lens design is built upon six years of patient data on more than 7,000 eyes, helping ECPs achieve a smart, predictable, efficient fit, minimizing chair time and the need for refits and leveraging the benefits of our larger diameter lens. As we have done for nearly 30 years, we will continue to conduct research and innovate to bring new solutions to ECPs and patients to help attain long-term ocular health.”

To learn more about the BostonSight SCLERAL lens, visit To order, visit

About ABB Optical Group
ABB Optical Group is a leading provider of optical products, services and business solutions in the eye care industry. ABB operates through three business pillars: ABB Contact Lens, ABB Labs and ABB Business Solutions. ABB is focused on the future of eye care professionals, helping them succeed by making practices more efficient and assisting providers to effectively navigate market changes. Visit for more information.

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